– You can benefit …

… from our near 20 years experience in the No-Fault collections field by outsourcing the entire scope of your arbitration department management tasks or just some them.  We can help you with filling new cases, initial case reviews, preparing AR-1, scanning,  amendments, settlement negotiations,  reporting, etc.

The reason to outsource:  reliable professional services often for less then you currently pay.

– Services –

Arbitration Department Management

Last five years we’ve been managing arbitration departments for several attorney’s firms perfecting our procedures along the way. You can benefit from our expertise in this field by outsourcing your arbitration department management and direct your energy where you need it the most at the moment.


Arbitration Support Services

If you’d like to outsource just some of tasks, like filing new cases or settlement negotiations, we’ll be happy to help! We’ve been doing it for decades. Try us to see how convenient it is!


Arbitration Department Creation

If you’re an attorney who is thinking of opening a brand new no-fault arbitration department or a doctor with books full of unpaid no-fault bills and thinking of creating an in house arbitration department we can help. We will set up an office space, workstations, tailor procedures to correspond the way you do business, train your stuff and manage it for you until you are comfortable to take over.

MyArb.com – Arbitration Software

Utilize MyArb (TM) – the most automated New York No-Fault Arbitration Case Management System. It is simple, intuitive and complete. It allows to double or even triple the productivity, keep things in order and go completely paperless if you like.  MyArb.com

SoftPOM.com – Searchable Proof of Mailing System


Never lose POM again! Instead of flipping hundreds of pages, just enter the patients name to the search field and get it instantaneously!



We can help you with Peer Review or IME rebuttals.  Any level of detail / complexity.  Fast, clean, persuasive.


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Phone:  (718) 501-8418

Email:  nynfcollections@gmail.com


 Kit includes:

  • Rules for Arbitration of No-Fault Disputes in the State of New York
  • Filable AR-1 form